Add a Unique Beauty to Your Home with
Faux Painting

Faux painting is a great way to add character and charm to your home by transforming your empty walls into something spectacular! This article will give you an overview of some of the different types of faux painting techniques as well as some ideas for using these techniques in your own home.

In literal terms, faux means “false” in French. Faux painting, also called faux finishing, is decorative painting that replicates the appearance of materials such as marble, wood, or stone. Certain techniques are used to create these effects using paint or glaze and applied with materials such as a roller, brush, rag, or sponge.

The techniques of faux painting have been around for ages. It became extremely popular in the late 1980s and early 1990s when wallpaper began to go out of style. Presently, it is very popular in commercial and public spaces but is also commonly used in modern day homes.

There are many popular faux finish techniques, some of which include:


marbleizingThis technique creates the sophisticated look of natural marble. It is commonly used on walls, furniture, columns, or even tabletops, as seen here. This faux finish uses a sponging technique as well as a veining technique to achieve the luxurious look of marble.


wood grainingThis technique can be used to transform a plain door into a door that takes on the appearance of wood. Graining, also called wood graining or faux bois, which is French for “fake wood” is a technique used to imitate the appearance of wood. A graining tool is used to create the wood grain finish. This can be an amazing effect that can be used on walls, furniture and many other areas around the house.


This technique is created by using a rag to either apply or remove glaze to create a nice textured effect. Different types of rags can be used to create different imprints, depending on your preference of sharp and crisp or soft and smooth. This technique is a great effect to use on walls as it creates a very appealing textural pattern.


distressed antiquingTransform your boring cabinetry into something beautiful with this aged effect, as seen above. This technique can be used on furniture to create an aged and distressed look. Rather than having another mass produced piece of furniture, this look can transform ordinary furniture into an antique work of art.


To achieve the soft and appealing look of leather, this technique uses a mixture of paint and glaze along with cut up chamois cloth to blot off excess glaze, which creates the faux leather look. This incredible texture can be used on both walls and furniture.

Tromp L’oeil

tromp l'oeilThis amazing technique involves painting to create the illusion of a three dimensional realistic object. Tromp L’oeil is French for “to fool the eye”, and can be used to create a window that isn’t there, an alcove with a vase of flowers inside or even a brick fireplace! This beautiful technique can really make your walls unique! Above, a beautiful tromp l’oeil of stonework creates an amazing optical illusion.


muralMurals are large paintings that are applied directly to a wall or ceiling. Murals can be very striking and add so much of an impact to any room. From a sky on your ceiling to a tropical rainforest on your wall, the possibilities are endless with what you can do with murals! In the example above, shelves and cabinets, along with kitchen accessories were painted directly on the kitchen wall creating an eye-catching work of art!
These are just some of the many faux finish techniques. Each of these beautiful faux finish decorative techniques can create dimension and texture to your walls, not to mention the uniqueness and character it adds to your home. There is no limit of what you can achieve with faux painting!

If you’re interested in creating a faux finish in your home, whether it’s for your walls, columns, railings, doors or even furniture, we’ll be happy to help you create something amazing! Presto Painting’s faux painters are formally trained artists who design beautiful murals, illusions, Tromp L’oeils, decorative finishes, distressed finishes and more!


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